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Designed to offer an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system, Gator GTRACK4G GPS Tracker is a 3G GPS tracking solution that allows you to locate and track the whereabouts of your vehicle in real-time via the Internet on a computer or smartphone. GTRACK4G is packed full of features including 3 hour battery backup in case the vehicle battery goes flat or is disconnected as well as power saving sleep mode should the vehicle be stationary for an extended period of time to reduce strain off the vehicle's battery. Other features include motion G-sensor and over-speed alerts. Geo-fences can be set to notify the user if the vehicle enters or leaves a predetermined zone and the kit also comes supplied with a relay so a remote immobilisation circuit can be connected (check legality in local region before connecting). There are no ongoing costs for the tracking software, the only additional part required to allow the tracker to work is a Mobile Sim Card (sold separately) that has both cell and data. For most application, a plan of $10-$20 per month will provide sufficient call, text and data requirements.


The Tracking Server has now been relocated from overseas to Australia for a more reliable, secure connection and overall enhanced user experience. Due to this update, for Android Users, the Mobile App listed in the manual that was accessible Google Play Store is no longer available. We now recommend migrating your new (or existing) GTRACK4G device to our new server. The GTRACK4G models are programmed for a different "legacy" server, these owners are welcome to continue using the legacy server or they can transfer onto the new server using the following instructions on the link below:
Warning: If you change the GTRACK4G over to the new server the mobile App will no longer work. Instead, mobile devices are supported by the new server via the web interface. When using a mobile device, the server will automatically direct you to the mobile web application.
As the new server is available, the existing app for Android Users is no longer available.